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Set of 2 Kits - Mecha Frame 5005 Keiji and 5006 Rita

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Cool Beans Boutique Robot Building Bricks Toy



Style: Set of 2 Kits - Mecha Frame 5005 Keiji and 5006 Rita 


  • This set includes 2 robot kits - Mecha Frame 5005 Keiji and 5006 Rita

  • Top quality bricks 100% compatible with any major brand of building bricks. The unique interlocked brick core frame features moving ball joints which enables actions and posing of your creations. 

  • A minifig will fit in the cockpit in every Mecha design. Build new creations with your own bricks collections. 

  • Each comes with a MF5 Core Frame. Be creative and you can also design a unique robot with your own brick collections.

  • Weapons of 5005 Keiji: a big sword 

  • Weapons of 5006 Rita: a power axe 

  • Finished size 5” tall each

Packaging: Packed individually. Each is in its own original package.

Recommended Age: For age 6 and up.

Country of Origin: Taiwan